Pleased to extend its warm and friendly hospitality to all visitors, the Hotel New Tsuruta is conveniently located in Beppu City, close to the central railway station, the bus station, all the local sightseeing attractions and the largest shopping mall in the city. Particular features of the Hotel include a relaxing Hot Spring Bath on the sixth floor, and from the guestrooms, magnificent views across Beppu Bay and Mt. Takasaki

Hot Spring and Party Information
A serine Japanese-style room in which for you to settle down.
Japanese - style room
Japanese - Western Suite
Japanese- This is a room with character,
combining a Japanese-style room and twin beds.
It also has a wonderful view of Beppu Bay.

Japanese - Western Suite
Japanese Cuisine
Using fresh ingrediants taken from the mountains and waters of Bungo (Oita Prefecture), we create a number of dishes that will make your mouth water. From blowfish in the winter, Shiroshita flounder from spring to summer and Seki mackeral and horse mackeral in fall. Please make your request with your reservation.
Western Cuisine
French seafood cuisine. Restaurant Apprenti. We present you with an environment in which you can spend quality time enjoying our cuisine which was prepared especially for you.Please sample an array of our dishes which incorporate the fresh flavor of the sea.
The history of Hotel New Tsuruta is Nijyosen.Enjoy a variety of hot springs including an outdoor hot spring and a cascading hot spring.

We are avaliable for dinners for small groups to large parties. Reservations are necessary, so please make them at your convenience.
Japanese-Style Lunch Set (Shiki-Sai)
One Person (group of four) 2,500yen
The meal plan of a lunch can choose SHIKISAI or PUTI AKARIZEN. Moreover, bathing of a TAKEGAWARA hot spring or NIJOUSEN becomes free.

The contents of cooking may be changed according to a season.
From Chef shono***, we present cuisine with a boldness which reflects the seasons and a flavor not present in other French dishes. Please look forward to our monthly menu.
French Cuisine Full Course One Person 5,000yen
Banquet Hall - Tsuru
Avaliable as a wedding and reception hall.
It is the lobby of hotel NEWTSURUTA.

Please e-mail us your reservations, opinions or questions.

1-14-15 KITAHAMA,Beppu CITY
TELEPHONE:(0977)22 1110
@@ @ FAX:(0977)22 1019

Hotel NEW TSURUTA appearance
It is a map from the Beppu station to Hotel NEW TSURUTA.
FUKUOKA international Airport 120min.
Oita domestic Aieport 50min.